Utility for Windows 8 Recycle Bin Recovery

When a person deletes the info by DELETE key action then this data or maybe the file is certain to get moved in the Windows recycle bin folder. Most of the users make use of recycle bin to keep the files which not utilizing it frequently. And whenever they would like to use that, they restore it to the drive and make use of. But recycle bin is usually a form of storage area in memory space. There are probabilities of losing files from recycle bin likewise. What in case you lost your files through recycle bin? If you store a few important data files in the bin then you’ll be in blunder.

Don’t fret!!! To get you out of the mess the most effective way is simply utilizing Retrieve Recycle Bin Files application. You may lose data now and again like draining recycle bin, bypassing recycle bin and so on. Let`s notice some cases in specific next-


  • Excess with size- recycle bin includes a default space for every drive inside the system. Whenever you delete data from the drive it’s going to get shifted in the bin. But in the event that recycles bin get full and also you delete the particular file then it does not move straight into the bin it finds deleted from your system solely.
  • SHIFT+DEL- want to delete in case you hit DELETE key then it’s going to be moved into your recycle bin. But the use of SHIFT+DEL, as well as perform subsequently file, will take off the system.

Still there are various reasons to forfeit the files like system crash, malware impact, OS issue and so on.  Whatever would be the reason behind your data loss, just operate the recovery tool and obtain back your data. Let’s view some unique highlights of this tool-


  • It can easily scan the HDD like IDE, SCSI as well as SATA and so on and restore data from it.
  • Also, the partition including NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 16, FAT 32 and ExFAT are usually recovered effortlessly.
  • External hard drive devices such as USB drives, memory sticks, and flash memory cards such as SD, XD, MMC cards, FireWire drives, and iPods and so on will possibly be scanned as well as recovered.
  • NTFS drives offer the compressed data, those will also be recovered.
  • Partitions similar to RAID 0, RAID 1 as well as RAID 5 is usually recovered.
  • A file having ADS (Alternate Data Stream) properties that are present within NTFS drives will likely be recovered.
  • Along with all the files that are deleted through bypassing Windows recycle bin, it is able to recover datafile those are usually deleted through SHIFT+DEL keys action in addition to from Windows command prompt.
  • It gives user advance record search choice, with this Find solution user can easily search files in accordance with name, size, extension as well as a date associated with the creation of the file.
  • Almost every type of file format it can easily recognize as well as scan and also recover consisting of audio file format, video format, text documents and many others.
  • To save storage you could compress the particular recovered files or data.

PowerPoint Recovery Tool – Repair & Recover Data from Corrupt PPT File

 PPT recovery toolMicrosoft PowerPoint is an application utilized for making presentations and slide demonstrates, the product was planned by Microsoft Corporation and presently MS PowerPoint is viewed as one of the noticeable devices in the whole world. Documents made on this MS PowerPoint programming will be spared in a configuration called PPT, thus these PowerPoint document can likewise be called as PPT records.

PPT records off and on again get degenerate; there are numerous reasons which cause PPT document to get degenerate. In the event that they get degenerate then you’ll lose the right to gain entrance of them. BY taking the assistance of this PPT repair application you can repair debased PPT documents in an extremely viable way. PPT recovery tool is a profoundly viable and solid application, which is been outlined by very talented developers. Inside few mouse clicks, you can repair seriously ruined PowerPoint documents.

Reasons responsible for corruption of PPT files

Downloading Mistakes: If some unforeseen lapse happens while downloading PPT documents from the web then downloaded PPT document will get degenerate and gets to be difficult to reach.

Virus Infection: Viruses are the most harmful pieces of stuff when they get into your PC taints and harms all the machine records. In the event that it taints PPT record then it will get degenerate and you can’t get to them.

Round Tripping: Converting PPT record to some other arrangement, and at the end of the day reconverting to its unique organization is called as round-tripping. In the event that you perform this round tripping procedure to any paramount PPT document then it would get degenerate and turns blocked off.

Other Reasons: there are few more reasons, for example, record exchange intrusions, header defilement, startling machine close down.

Because of these above-examined reasons, PPT documents may get degenerate. Anyway don’t get stressed, if any of imperative PPT record gets degenerate. Simply utilize PPT repair application and fix the issue without any complication.

Features of PowerPoint Recovery Tool

  • The programming can repair degenerate PPT records on different forms of Windows working frameworks including Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 and so forth.
  • It’s an easy to use PPT repair application; subsequently without any sort of help defiled PPT records could be repaired.
  • In a short compass of time, it can repair degenerate PPT documents.
  • This instrument can repair tainted PPT, PPTX and PPS records. When they are repaired you can recoup content, activities, pictures, sound cuts, hyperlinks and so forth, from repaired PPT records.
  • The system has the capacity repair ruined PPT records made on all real forms of MS PowerPoint programming including PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2010, 2007, 2013 and so forth.

Download Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

“Recently my internal hard drive of the laptop has stopped working. Many times, I tried to boot the system but it did not work. Then I replaced the hard disk with a new one and set its operating system. After the successful start of the system, again I connected my previous hard disk and tried to access the data. But it shows an error message that the drive is unreadable as it gets corrupt. At that times, I think that I have lost the complete data from that drive. I have stored many important files on that hard drive. Can anyone suggest me how to perform hard drive recovery?”

Internal hard disk on laptop or desktop is very much essential for and crucial part of any computer as it holds various program files and OS which makes the system work. So, if your internal hard disk data gets deleted or lost due to any of the reasons they don’t get devastated.  You can use Internal Hard Drive Recovery software which can recover files from the internal hard drive as well as from various storage device such as external hard drive, flash drive, USB drive, memory sticks, memory card, pen drive, etc. with utmost ease.

Reasons for data loss from the internal hard drive:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes users delete their vital files accidentally while deleting unwanted files from their system hard drive. As a result of which, the user may encounter with vital data loss.

File System Corruption: Sometimes, it is necessary to change the file system of the system hard drive partition to another file system. If any interruption occurs in such conversion then it may lead to corruption of existing partition so tends to data loss.

Accidental Formatting: User may format their internal hard drive of the system instead of some other drive which results in erasing of entire data from the internal hard drive.

Virus Attack: Viruses may infect internal hard drive of the system by corrupting MBR (Master Boot Record), OS, file system, etc. and makes the internal hard drive RAW which causes huge data loss.

If you have lost any data from the internal hard drive of the system due to any of the above-mentioned reasons then don’t get worried. You can use Internal Hard Drive Recovery software to recover deleted or lost files from the internal hard drive of the system. To know how to perform internal hard drive recovery, you can visit this link: http://www.internalharddriverecovery.com/


  • Don’t add new files to the internal hard drive if any data loss happens.
  • Use reliable antivirus on your system to avoid any issue which occurs due to virus attack.
  • Keep a backup of important files on some other storage device to avoid such issue.

Features of Internal Hard Drive Recovery software:

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted or lost data from internal hard drive of various popular brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, HP, Transcend, SanDisk, Hitachi, etc.
  • The software is also capable of retrieving missing, formatted data such as media files, documents, program files, etc. from the internal hard drive.
  • It recovers deleted or lost files on Windows as well as Mac operating system.
  • Using the “Preview” option of the utility, you can view the recovered files prior to restoration.

Outlook Emails Backup on Windows Vista

Microsoft Office comes with numerous benefits for users, it allows them to perform various tasks very easily on different versions of Windows operating system. Microsoft Outlook has been extensively used by organizations as an email client application for communication purpose. Outlook permits users to store various information like emails, contacts, notes, reminders, attachments, calendars and much more on their hard drive. Together these information’s are stored in a single file that is commonly called PST file i.e. Personal Storage Table. You can also use Outlook offline, these attributes are saved in Offline Storage Table i.e. OST. We hope that you have got a general idea about Outlook, Now let us move on, in this page, we are focusing on how to backup Outlook emails on Vista and the importance to taking backup of Outlook data?

PST file is the heart that allows users to access Outlook profile. Protection of this PST file is really challenging. By now you might have come to know the significance of PST files. Any threat or damage to this file is a serious concern for any user. For all this reason, an updated backup of Outlook data is quite a necessity these days. In case of damage or corruption to PST file on Vista, your Outlook profile will turn inaccessible along with the emails, therefore it is really important to have the updated backup of Outlook data. You can easily restore Outlook emails on Vista by using the Outlook Backup file that is being maintained. To backup Outlook emails on Vista automatically on a regular basis, we have introduced a safe and professional tool named Outlook Backup. Let us look at the importance of taking backup of Outlook data.

Need for taking backup of Outlook emails or data?

  • PST file corruption: There may be circumstances where you might receive error messages on your system which states Outlook profile is corrupt and cannot access Outlook. At these times you can retrieve PST files from the updated backup that you have maintained.
  • OS upgrades: Re-installing the OS might also cause PST file corruption; the user can make use of the backup that they have managed to recover Outlook data.
  • Migrating to new version Outlook: In case, If a user wants to migrate into the newer version of Outlook, he/she can use this backup PST file to restore all the Outlook data, all the attributes contained in the Outlook profile can be restored by this way.
  • Deleted emails: User will have a lot of essential emails in their Inbox, losing it is unimaginable for any user. Backup of Outlook data allows the user to restore deleted emails very effectively.
  • Loss of other attributes: Losing other attributes like notes, dictionary, contacts, journal, RSS feeds, etc.; can be easily restored with the help of backup.

Free Outlook Backup is an all in one backup application i.e. it answers your queries on how to backup Outlook emails on Vista, XP, 7, 8, etc. Free Outlook Backup is a professional application that helps users to backup Outlook data file that contains attributes like emails, calendar, contacts, RSS feeds, email accounts, signatures, journals, notes, etc. It also permits the user to “migrate” the Outlook profile to the newer version of Microsoft Outlook. The “migrate” feature makes the duplicate of your Outlook profile and this can be transferred to other systems.

Major Features of Free Outlook Backup

  • Interactive interface: It’s highly effective graphical user interface helps to easily backup PST file on all versions of Windows with utmost ease.
  • Backup: The software permits the users to take backup of Outlook PST files that comprises various attributes like Inbox folders, contacts, calendar, journals, settings, signature, email accounts and many more. This PST backup tool facilitates user to create backup all profiles created by the user on Outlook by setting different restore points.
  • Migration: Safe migration of Outlook version can be accomplished easily by using this backup Outlook data tool.
  • Advanced security: The software provides high security for the backup of PST files by permitting password protection.
  • Software compatibility: Free Outlook Backup is compatible with different versions of Outlook from Microsoft Outlook 2003 to 2010 and also with a different file system like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32, etc.
  • Scheduler: The advanced scheduling option integrated with this tool helps the user to backup PST Windows Vista files automatically.
  • Compatibility: This tool is compatible to work with different Microsoft Outlook versions like 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Try Out File Rescue Software For Free

“Yesterday, in order to download some video files I cleared some hard drive space by deleting unwanted files. After some instant of time I came to know that all my important files were deleted accidentally along with the unwanted files. I am totally confused and blame myself for my foolishness. Guys, is there any recovery tool that can help me to get back my files? If yes, then suggest me as soon as possible.”Rescue file

Have you ever undergone such type of similar scenarios? If so, then don’t get panic and don’t hurt yourself because there is a reliable way which can help you to recover your deleted or lost files. You can easily get back all your files with the help of proficient and result oriented software called Rescue File software. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac based systems and performs file rescue from various storage drives like external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, pen drives, etc.

Reasons behind the deletion or loss of files:

One of the main factors behind the deletion of important files from any storage drive is accidental deletion. Sometimes while moving or transferring the files from one system to another system due to some unexpected errors you may force to format to the storage drive, if this process is continued with having the backup then it results in the deletion of entire data from the storage drive. Most of the cases the storage drives get corrupted due to the presence of bad sectors on it. These are created due to various reasons like transferring of infected files, downloading virus attacked files, etc. sudden system shutdown and forceful ejection of the external drive at the time of transferring the files also result in the deletion or loss of files from the hard drive. Some other scenarios like hard drive crash, unreliable third party tools, emptying Recycle Bin, software conflicts, file system corruption, etc. also result in the deletion or loss of files.

Unique Features of Rescue File Software:

This software supports file recovery on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system. It is used to recover deleted or lost files from various storage drive like memory cards, external HDD, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. This reliable tool is used for recovering various files like multimedia files (images, audio, video, etc.), Zip file, documents, applications, Office files, etc.  With the help of this effective software, it is quite easy to perform file recovery from various hard drive partitions such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS, etc. This software also has potential to get back data from corrupted, formatted and re-formatted hard drives. This software also helps to recover deleted files from RAID partitions.

Finest Ways to Recover RAW Images

RAW Images also called digital photos, which captures all image data recorded by the sensor, when you take a photo. Images which are captured by digital cameras, camcorders and from other gadgets are saved in RAW format. This format typically uses lossless compression or high-quality lossy compression. It also holds higher image quality and the resultant pixel value will be more accurate and exhibit less posterization. RAW photos can be processed and viewed as an image. RAW images which are saved or secured may get deleted or lost due to various reason such as accidental deletion, virus infection etc. But there is nothing to get panic! We have software called Recover RAW Images. Using this software, the user can recover all their lost RAW Images in few minutes.

Let us discuss how RAW images can get deleted:

Accidental Deletion: While viewing the image on your device, you may delete all your important RAW images along with unwanted images. While you are capturing the photos, you may switch off your camera by mistake.

Virus Attack: If your device performs slowly, you may use anti-virus to scan it but it might delete your essential RAW images.

File Transfer: When you are transferring RAW images from external device to the system or vice-versa, Images may get lost or deleted when the user pulls off the memory card/reader during image copy process; System reboot during file transfer may end up in data loss.

Formatting: Usually all files including RAW images are saved in external memory cards if you format it; then all files will be deleted which you could end up in losing all your important RAW images.

Usage of same SD or memory cards in various devices can also delete all your files. There are some other various reasons such as human errors, mishandling of device or SD card etc. To bring back all your deleted images Recover RAW Images software is used.

Features of Recover RAW Image Recovery software:

RAW Image Recovery Software is developed by experts to recover all deleted or lost RAW Images. It is the most prominent software used to recover all the RAW images which are lost in different types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, and IDE etc. Apart from this, RAW Image Recovery Software is used to recover all RAW images which are deleted from SD, XD, MMC, memory cards etc. This software is designed with an advanced feature that makes the user to Recover PNG Files along with JPG, JPEG, and GIF image format. Besides this, RAW Image Recovery Software is capable of identifying all the popular photos and RAW Images on the basis of date, name, size and date. RAW Images which are recovered can be processed using Save Recovery Session which ensures that the users don’t need to re-scan the files again. It can be performed in both Windows and MAC Operating System. Supported system requirements; in Windows (Windows 8, Windows7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) and MAC (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks). If your PNG files are deleted, you can restore it by using Recover PNG Files.

Precautionary measures on how RAW Images can be avoided from loss or deletion:

Don’t capture images when the battery is low.

Don’t use same memory cards in various digital cameras.

Don’t use the unauthorized third party application to scan your device.

How to Recover MacBook Pro Air Hard Drive Data After Format?

“I have accidentally formatted MacBook Pro hard drive while trying to format the volume that contained unwanted files. There are various files such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc. are stored on it. Can anyone know how I can recover MacBook Pro Air hard drive data after format? I really need them back and I don’t have its backup to restore.”

Are you suffering from same situations then don’t get panic as you can opt MacBook Data Recovery software to get back files from formatted MacBook Pro Air hard drive? When a MacBook Pro Air hard drive data is formatted, actually the data will not be erased permanently from it, only the pointers associated with the hard drive is deleted and data remains intact. If you add any new data, then the deleted space will be occupied and you will lose you vital data forever. So if you need your data back then don’t add any new file to your MacBook Pro Air hard drive.

Reasons for MacBook Pro Air hard drive formatting:

  • While creating a volume using Disk utility, you may accidentally format MacBook Pro Air hard drive.
  • During reinstalling the operating system, you may mistakenly format MacBook Pro Air hard drive without noticing it properly.
  • Sometimes, while accessing data from MacBook Pro Air hard drive you may end up wrongly right clicking on “Quick Format” option can lead to loss of data.

In all of the above-mentioned situations, you may lose data from MacBook Pro Air hard drive. However, you can unformat MacBook Pro Air hard drive and restore files with few mouse clicks. This software is capable of recovering files such as videos, music, photos, documents, etc. on all major versions of Mac-based operating system. It doesn’t alter or modify the file during the recovery process. To know more about how to recover MacBook Pro Air hard drive data after format, just download the free demo version of the software. Start recovering your files using the demo version of the utility. However, to save the recovered files, you should have to activate the licensed version of the software.

Features of MacBook Data Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable of recovering MacBook Pro Air hard drive data after format within few mouse clicks.
  • Using Preview option of the demo version of the software, you can view the recovered files prior to restoration.
  • With the help of this utility, you can recover files from HFS, HFS+ based Mac drives.
  • It restores files from MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, etc.

How to Repair Corrupted Files?

Assume that, from last couple of days you are working on the particular project and your manager asked to submit the project report and give a presentation. You started to prepare a presentation for the project using Microsoft Office PowerPoint and after working for long hours you have completed PPT file and saved it on PC. Next day, when you want to glance at PPT file and there you may encounter an error like Microsoft PowerPoint viewer cannot read this file. At once, you might get tense! How to repair corrupted or damaged PPT file?

Don’t bother, about your PPT file. The files may get corrupt or damage due to some common factors. But, technology is growing vastly there are methods to repair corrupted PPT file. With the help of popular repair software, now it’s possible to fix broken file with ease. This repair tool can fix corruption of various files such PSD, DOC or DOCX, RAR, ZIP. It also supports data repairing on Windows and Mac OS. Before going into the details, the user should have knowledge of how files get corrupted.

Some scenarios due to which files may get broken or corrupted:

  • The user has created PPT file in the higher version of Microsoft PowerPoint i.e. from Microsoft 2007 onwards, which comes with additional features. When the user opens the same PPT file in older versions like Microsoft 2003 which may not support some features and It may cause corruptions in PPT file.
  • Due to corruption in the storage device which contains the data, which may lead to corruption of data.
  • When the software installed in the improper manner which loses some files, due to this software may not working correctly and results in damage or corruption of file.
  • If some bad sectors reside on hard disk drives, the data may get corrupted.
  • Sometimes the user may download the corrupted file on the internet.
  • The header file stores information regarding file size, format, compatibility if its get corrupted, the data failed to open.
  • There may be some other reasons which lead to data corruption includes low memory space, if the file is large, power failure, system shutdowns abruptly, interruption in file transfer process, etc.

Rich features of Repair software:

Repair Software is the most reliable solution to fix corrupted files in an effective way. The industry experts have built this software with extremely powerful repair engine. It gives the user easy to use simple wizard interface and it also provides full preview form. Using this utility the repaired file can save in a different location of storage drives. This tool facilitates to repair corrupted files without any difficulty. It is also capable repairing different files which are corrupted such as PPT, PST, ZIP, DOCX, AVI, MOV, RAR, and PSD files.

This robust application has the capacity to fix PPT files which are created using the different version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint like PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013. It has the ability to repair ZIP files which are corrupted on any storage devices. To evaluate the software performances download the demo version and examine its repairing technique. It can proficiently repair files on various storage devices like hard drive, pen drive, memory stick, external hard drive, USB drives, etc.

How to Save Outlook Emails to Hard Drive Automatically?

There are various ways of using MessageSave for saving Outlook email messages as the individual files outside the Outlook. Either you can run it manually or you can configure MessageSave to save the messages automatically without requiring any action on your part.

  • To run MessageSave manually, you can invoke it by clicking the Save Messages button on the Outlook toolbar, ribbon or right-click menu.
  • To run MessageSave automatically, configure Mapped Folders and Scheduler on the AutoSave tab of the Advanced Options window.

How to Run MessageSave manually? 

Open the MessageSave by clicking on the MessageSave button that is located on the Home tab of the Ribbon in Outlook 2010 and later version, or on the main Outlook toolbar in the older version of Outlook. Upon which you will see a Save Messages window.

  1. You need to specify whether you want to save the selected messages or all messages in the current folder in the Messages to Save To save a group of messages, highlight them before clicking on MessageSave.
  2. Now, click Browse option to specify the destination folder.
  3. Click More >> to specify additional options. This is optional
  4. Click on Save button now.

Next time when you invoke MessageSave, it remembers the options that you used previously. Therefore, if you are saving with the same settings, then you can just click on Save Now.


MessageSave QuickSave feature allows you to save the messages without opening the Save Messages window. The most appropriate folders for the currently chosen message are shown as QuickSave menu items on the MessageSave drop-down. Click on one of those folders to save the chosen message into it.

You can control how QuickSave folders are chosen in the Destination Preferences Window.

How to save Outlook messages automatically? 

MessageSave allows you to map Outlook folders to the file system folders, such that whenever a message is copied or moved to a particular Outlook folder, it will be automatically saved to the corresponding file system folder.

In case you have folders for your projects or clients in Outlook as well as the file system, then you can easily keep them in sync. To configure, follow these steps.

  1. Open the AutoSave tab of the Advanced options window. (Advanced Options >> AutoSave Tab)
  2. Click on Configure Folders to open the Mapped Folders window.
  3. Now, click Add, upon which you will see the Folder Mapping window.
  4. Then, choose the Outlook folder that you would like to map.
  5. Now, specify the corresponding destination folder.
  6. Check Process this folder when Scheduler
  7. Then, optionally check AutoSave new messages from this folder if you want messages saved as soon as they appear in the folder.
  8. Click OK now to close the Folder Mapping and Mapped Folders window.
  9. Back on the AutoSave Tab, click Configure Schedule to set Scheduler interval.

Now, whenever a new message lands in that folder, it will be saved in the folder that you have specified.

If you are using Outlook 2016 version and thinking of giving or selling your old system and purchase a new computer, then you need to move your Outlook to a new computer from old computer. Then only you can give it up or sell your older system. If this is the case, then you can backup emails Outlook 2016 and all other Outlook attributes and transfer to a new system with the help of Migrate Outlook software. Migrate Outlook tool is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system as well as all popular versions of MS Outlook.

How to save new messages automatically using Outlook rules? 

You can use Scheduler in combination with Outlook rules to save new messages automatically that match a set of criteria you specify. This works on sent as well as received messages.

  1. Create an Outlook rule that matches the messages that you would like to save. For creating the rules, pleas ego to the Microsoft’s web page.
  2. In the “What do you want to do with the message?” step choose “move a copy to the specified folder”.
  3. Click on the “specified” hyper link in the lower pane to choose a folder.
  4. Finish creating the rule as usual.

Now, Configure MessageSave Scheduler to run on the folder you specified above to automatically save all messages that land in it

How to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Disk Drive?

“Hello, Last week when I was in Switzerland with my girlfriend, we visited many places and took lots of photos and recorded video. Two days back, I transferred those photos and videos to my external hard drive. While I was previewing photos on my system, I accidentally deleted files including photos from the external hard drive. Can anyone know if I accidentally deleted my external hard drive data a few minutes ago can I restore it back? Thanks in advance.”

With the popularity of external hard drive, people are used to store their vital data on the external hard drive. It certainly brings much convenience in our daily life. Sometimes, you may lose files from the external hard drive, and get frustrated. In such situation, you may be thinking how to get back deleted files from the external hard drive without losing a single file. Luckily, there is a very efficient tool that can recover all your deleted files from external hard drive within few mouse clicks. Deleted File Recovery software is a perfect solution for recovering data from any storage devices such as internal hard drive, USB drive, pen drive, memory card, memory stick, FireWire drive, etc.

What happens when you delete files from external hard drive?

If you delete any files using Shift + Delete keys or simply delete key from external hard drive, they won’t get stored in Recycle Bin or Mac Trash, instead they bypass Recycle Bin or Trash folder and will get lost. But deleted files from the external hard drive doesn’t mean that it leads to permanent data loss. If you would like to get back deleted files even after losing them, then you should stop using the external hard drive immediately and make sure that you don’t add any new data onto it which result in overwriting of data and thus lead to permanent loss of data. Therefore, you need to take quick action if you want to recover vital data that was deleted from external hard drive. Deleted File Recovery software would be a perfect option for recovering of deleted files from the external hard drive.

Features of Deleted File Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted files from external hard drive of various brands such as Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Buffalo, Transcend, Kingston, Fujitsu, Imation, Western Digital, Iomega, Maxtor, SanDisk, etc.
  • It supports recovery of deleted files on all major versions of Windows based operating system.
  • It doesn’t modify or alter the original files during the recovery process.
  • With the help of “Preview” option of the software, you can view the recovered files prior to restoration.
  • Rather than thinking too much, proceed to download the demo version of Deleted File Recovery software using which you can estimate the chances of recovery before purchasing the tool.