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Here’s Quick Way to Recover Secure Digital(SD) Card Files

Before I start explaining how to recover files from SD cards, let me just give you a brief introduction about SD cards. Secure Digital(SD) cards are nothing but memory cards used to store data on portable devices such as mobile phones, cameras, video recorders, DSLR cameras, Navigation devices etc. SD cards offer high storage capacity. They are just like any other storage device like hard disks or pen drives, but are much smaller and compact in size. There are three different kinds of SD cards depending on the size, namely,

  • Standard SD card
  • Mini SD card
  • Micro SD card

SD cards have a wide range of storage capacities starting from 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb and so on. They have a rating on it(like 16x, 32x) which describes the speed at which data transfer takes place. SD cards are generally used to store photos, videos or other media files. Files from SD cards get deleted or lost due to various reasons such as:

  • Improper ejection – While transferring files if the battery drains out or removing the SD card while its in use can corrupt the SD card
  • Virus infection– If there is a virus attack on the SD card, it makes the card inaccessible.
  • Multiple use of SD card– Using the SD card on multiple devices can sometimes erase the data on it
  • Accidental format or deletion– This can happen when user is transferring files from SD card to computer and mistakenly deletes files or formats the SD card
  • File system corruption– File system can get corrupted if the SD card is used on many devices and can become inaccessible.

Formatting the SD card again and again may reduce the speed and life span of the SD card. So users should avoid reformatting the SD card. There are many SD card brands like SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Panasonic.

Users can always restore their lost files and folders after performing formatting operation because of any of the above reasons. Its better if users have a backup of their precious data. Though recovering data is pretty simple, backing up of important data helps users from lot of troubles. If users don’t have the backup of files for all the above data loss scenarios, one stop solution is by using memory card recovery softwares. Users will be able to perform SD memory card Recovery using SD card recovery software. This application is very effective in recovering files from cameras, camcorder and other digital devices. It can also recover files from micro SD and mini SD cards which generally are used in mobile phones. This software is compatible with Windows operating system computers running on Windows XP(pro and home edition), Windows 8, Windows 7. It is also compatible with Mac OS computers. Using this utility users can easily recover files from corrupted Micro, Mini and Standard SD card of different brands. To know more about corrupted SD card recovery you can watch the  below video tutorial


Steps to follow to Recover the lost files:

  • Download the SDHC memory card recovery tool and install it.
  • Now connect the SD card to the desktop or laptop using the card reader.
  • Once the card is detected by the system, scan the software so that the software detects the card.
  • Select “Recover files” option to recover the lost data from SD card.
  • Now the software scans the card and displays all the files like image files, video files lost from it.
  • Users can select only the files they want from the list and skip the unwanted files.

This software is a powerful memory card recovery software. This software can carry out recovery process of HP SD card, Transcend SD card, SanDisk SD card and many more.  Users can recover photo files like PNG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPG, GIF and PSD. Apart from this, it can also recover video files like MPEG, RM, 3GP, MOV, AVI and music file formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, AMR. Other than deleted files, this tool can also retrieve lost photos, videos from SD card due to errors during file transfer, file system corruption, formatting and so on.

How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Cell Phone SD Card

Nowadays, cell phones have become one of the part of our life. Everyone’s life will be seen as incomplete as they didn’t have a cell phone with them. This cell phone is helpful in many ways, a person who is very far way can able to hear voice and can speak about any important matter or send a message  or communicate about the business or other things. Hence this cell phone has become an important gadget. Every cell phone will be having the storage drive known as SD card. This SD card stores all the files that includes messages, music, songs, photos, videos and other multimedia files. While enjoying the convenience of this SD card, you might often suffer from data deletion that has occurred either because of some unknown or unknown reasons.

When this situation occurs then how to recover deleted files from SD card? Do you know which application must be utilized to restore deleted files from SD card? How to carry out deleted file recovery on SD card? If you do not know the answer for all these queries then there is no need to scratch your head for searching a solution. Just utilize this reliable third party tool named as card recovery. This card recovery program scans the entire drive and helps to recover deleted files from cell phone SD card within a fraction of minutes.

Important tips to be followed to avoid deletion of files from SD card

  • Follow the correct procedure while ejecting the SD card from the device or from the system.
  • Do not use SD card on multiple devices.
  • It is suggested to double check the file which you want to delete and then select the delete option.

Causes for deletion of files from cell phone SD card

Improper handling of the cell phone SD card is one of the main reasons for deletion of files. Some of the situations are abrupt ejection of SD card from cell phone while the writing process is still going on, continuously capturing photos from cell phone, capturing pictures or shooting videos while cell phone is low on battery, use of same SD card in different electronic devices. Formatting cell phone SD card either by mistake or to get rid of viruses also results in deletion of files from cell phone SD card. Files present in the SD card may get deleted by the antivirus software if the files are found to be infected by virus. Inadvertent deletion of photos from cell phone by accidentally click on “Delete All” option or mark all photos using “Mark All” option instead of deleting a single unwanted photo

Solving above mentioned issues is very easy if you prefer this reliable card recovery tool. It is possible to recover all types of files text files, images, audio files, video files, movies, etc. from your cell phone SD card using this utility. This program is compatible with all new versions of Windows and Mac Operating system. Card recovery utility can revive Memory card data from any type of memory cards that includes SD (Secure Digital) Card, Smart Media Card, XD Picture Card, Micro SD, CF (Compact Flash) Card, Memory Stick, SDHC, SDXC and others in a fraction of minutes. Browse around this page- to gain more details on recovery of card files.

Deleted Data Recovery from SD Card

At present SD cards have turn into most popular storage device because of its necessity in most of the digital devices. SD cards are most generally used in various digital gadgets like iPods, Smart phones, cameras, camcorders etc to enlarge their device storage capacity. These storage cards have ability to store any type of data such as text files, audios, images, videos, documents, applications etc.

Though, SD cards too have some kind of data deletion scenarios similar to other storage devices. If you have deleted your data from SD card and thinking how to get back deleted data then don’t get anxious, because you can easily recover deleted data from SD card by using most efficient SD Card Data Recovery Software. By making use of this highly developed software you can able recover data which has been deleted because of many data deletion scenarios.

Most common user faced data deletion scenarios from SD card

  • Most of the SD card users will try to delete the unwanted file from SD card because to free up the memory space of the SD card. During this kind of file deletion process sometimes they may select some essential files and press delete button this may results in file deletion from SD card.
  • Most of the times SD cards are used to connect with system to transfer files between system and SD card, during this data transfer process if any kind of interruptions occur then you will face file deletion problem.
  • SD cards are in portable nature by making use of this feature many users try to use same SD card in different digital devices. During this frequent card interchanging process SD card may infected by virus. If virus infected to SD card then users may carry out virus scanning process during this process some antivirus programs may delete infected files without any alert message.

Features SD Card Data Recovery Software

  • SD card data recovery tool has powerful scanning algorithm which allows the user to recover deleted files from SD card within very less time.
  • This product is specially designed to get back different types of file like PPT file, image file, text file, multimedia file etc.
  • This advanced utility has a capability to recover data from formatted and corrupted SD card.
  • By making use of this software it can possible to recover data from various SD card brands like Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba etc.
  • SD card data recovery tool is capable to recover deleted data from removable hard disks, USB drives etc.
  • The “Preview” option will proved the facility to view recovered data before going to purchase the full version of software.
  • This tool easily runs on Mac OS like Mac OS Lion, Mac Leopard, and Mac Leopard.
  • This product also runs effectively on Windows based operating system versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • By using “Save Recovery Session” it can possible to resume recovery process, previously where it has been stopped.