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How to recover data from SDHC card?

Secure Digital (SD) Card is a nonvolatile memory card widely used in portable devices such as digital camera, camcorder, tablets and many more. This memory card is capable of storing large amount of data. It offers high data storage capacity as well as high data transfer speed. Generally you store all your precious data such as memorable photos, audio files, video and movies etc. in SD card.

But SDHC card is highly prone to corruption. Once your SDHC card gets corrupted, then you are unable to access your important data files. After corruption when you try to access your precious data file, your portable device such as digital camera, camcorder show an error message like “SDHC card not formatted”. This type of error shows that your SDHC card gets corrupted. In such kind of data loss scenarios, you need some powerful software that’s recover all your precious data with ease.

Here is the extraordinary software known as SDHC card recovery which is widely used to recover data from SD card. This tool will efficiently perform SDHC card recovery and get back your entire precious data file in short span of time.

Salient features of SDHC card recovery

  • It performs SDHC card recovery in an efficient way by scanning the SD card quickly.
  • This tool is one of the most recommended software to recovers deleted or loss data file from various brands of SDHC card such as Dane-Elec, Sony, Panasonic and many more with ease. If you want to know how to recover data form Dane-Elec SD card, then visit the given link:
  • It is capable of retrieving data of various file type such as jpeg, jpg, tiff etc. from a corrupted as well as formatted SDHC card.
  • SDHC card recovery software is successfully retrieve data from Windows as well as Mac Operating System.
  • This application is very famous among experts as well as professional to recover large amount of data such as 4GB with ease.

Reason behind deletion of data from SDHC card

  • Accidental deletion: Sometime you are in hurry and press “Delete ALL” button while previewing the images. This lead to the deletion of all your important data file from SDHC card and as a result your data become inaccessible.
  • Abruptly removal of SD card: Mishandling of SDHC card might be one of the reasons for deletion of data from the SHDC card. For e.g. abruptly removal of SDHC card while working on them.
  • Unintentionally formatting SDHC card: Sometime virus attack so badly on your SDHC card and you need to format your SHDC card. When you format your SDHC card without any backup of your precious data then its lead to the loss of data from SDHC card.
  • Interruption: While doing some work on your SDHC card, any type of interruption such as power surge, fluctuating of voltage, etc. may lead to the corruption of data from SDHC card.

SDHC Card not Formatted Error

Hi, I am using SDHC card since 2 months to back up important data. As usual, yesterday I connected SDHC card to my system via card reader to view stored data. When I tried to open, it displayed error message stating “card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” I had no choice so I intentionally formatted my SDHC card and lost all my important files. Now I want to know is there any way to restore data from SDHC card? If so, then please help as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

Overview of SDHC Card:

SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) is also one of the types of memory cards which is used to store media files and other stuff. This card supports storage capacities up to 32 GB. SDHC cards are shipped preformatted with the FAT 32 file system.

Well, don’t get fret! Formatting does not erase data permanently from SDHC card. Therefore by making use of best trustworthy third party SDHC Card Recovery Software. This utility provides option to resume SDHC card not formatted error process any time using SDHC card Recovery Session.


Scenarios for SDHC Card not Formatted Error:

Virus Attack: If you connect your SDHC card to virus infected system or receive any files from other devices which are infected by malware or hazardous virus, then there is a possibility for your SDHC card to get corrupted.

File System Error: At times you may decide to convert file system of SDHC card by connecting it to PC or laptop. While converting file system from FAT 32 to NTFS, if any sort of interruption occurs like abrupt system shut down due to power failure then there could be possibility of SDHC card corruption.

Mishandling of SDHC Card: When user abruptly pulls out SDHC card during file transfer process from digital camera, intentionally or unintentionally removing the SDHC card while capturing photos from phone, digital camera, etc can also lead to SDHC card corruption.

These are some common scenarios which make SDHC Card to display error message “not formatted error” and it can be retrieved easily by making use of SDHC Card Recovery Software.

Features of SDHC Card Recovery Software:

SDHC Card Recovery Software is an attractive tool suggested by industry experts to restore data which is lost after formatting. This software is designed with incorporated powerful built-in algorithm to scan and recover photos, audios, videos, documents which are unreadable on SDHC card with few clicks of mouse. With the help of this utility, you can restore data from other formatted storage cards such as SD card, memory card, micro SD XD, etc without any difficulty. Once the files are restored it can be sorted on the basis of date, name, file types and size. This tool assists user to preview the restored file before saving into any desired location. If user lost data from digital camera SD card with the usage of same software it can also restored. To know more, visit the page: