Don’t Miss these Cool Gadgets on CES 2016

Well, it is the time for CES 2016. Technocrats from various parts of the world are rushing towards Las Vegas. Here, I am going to choose some cool and interesting gadgets from this show.

Hunter Smart Fans: In CES, Hunter introduced two ceiling fans namely Wooden Signal and plastic Symphony. You can control these fans just with the help of your smartphone. It is Wi-Fi enabled and it supports Apple’s HomeKit technology. So, when you arrive at your home, the fans can be turned on and can be turned off when you are away quite easily. This can be worked with your HomeKit enabled thermostats to reduce your air conditioning cost.

Cool Gadgets on CES 2016

SMARTWheel: Are you really aware about the number of accidents happen on each year due to bad driving habits? The ultimate purpose of this invention is to have a clear consciousness about safe driving. SMARTWheel is a steering wheel that alerts you with lights and sounds when it detects lazy or distracted driving. It achieves this with the help of several sensors. If you are using only one hand for driving also, it alerts you. The retail version of this tool is expected to arrive in the middle of this year for around $200.

Sensorwake Alarm Clock: It is not an ordinary alarm clock. Instead of producing distracting beep sounds, Sensorwake Alarm Clock wakes you up as calmly as you couldn’t have ever experienced. It produces delightful scents like smell of peppermint, seaside, chocolate, etc. and so on by the help of interchangeable capsules. Each of these capsules can be used up to 30 times.

Sleep Number Bed: Having a good night sleep will be a matter of right fortune. Sleep Number Beds provide adjustable firmness on each sides of those beds. It is not ending by this. The biometric sensors included in this bed measure your sleeping patterns (including your heart rate and breathing) and monitors in a real time way. Its companion app offers several recommendations to get a better night sleep.

Wisewear Smart Bracelet: This wearable device will be a good health and fitness tracker for you. It tracks your health rate and the total amount of burned calorie and gives you notification through text messages and emails. You can also use this device to send out your location to others along with voice or video footage. From this month, it will be available for a retail price of $300.