How Adobe is Reimagining Photoshop for the Mobile Era?

Adobe_Photoshop_CS_retail_boxAdobe Photoshop is an application that has reflected consistent vision for more than a quarter century. It is leveraged with latest advances in computer science. There has been nothing about the Photoshop that is customized according to the needs of newbies or other peoples who might be overcome by its learning curve. This product has dominant its existence than any other product in the software history. In year 2000, the company realized to make some changes for Photoshop application.

In year 2014, instead of ranking top in the market Photoshop released a mobile application which is entirely focused on compositing and layering multiple elements into a simple image. This application is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android phones. Later on in October 2014, Photoshop Fix application is introduced for iPads and iPhones that supports Android version.


The company is not just breaking the Photoshop application into the component parts. IPad and other electronic gadgets become dramatically more powerful for starters by the year. The CPU performance of iPad Pro has increased 22 times and 360 times the performance of graphics in comparison to 2010 iPad. It is faster than 80% of the personal computer released in previous years. Though mobile Photoshop application still perform some of their processing in the cloud, where these applications have access to all computing cycles they could ever require. They are also able to perform some really complicated things on the devices by themselves.

Photoshop Fix offers a face aware option that is smart enough to analyze images and is also able to identify facial features. This application enable you to make eyes larger, eliminating the requirement for the sake of painstaking adjustments lips fuller, or noses pointier with just a few gestures required by previous versions.

The Adobe’s original draft of face aware interface was very complex. In the final version of Adobe, the app offers circles on a person’s eyes, mouth, cheeks, nose and chin. Everything which happens right on the top of the image, instead of sliders of the type is used by Photoshop Touch. . It is about as finger-friendly and intuitive as a feature you can get.


The important fact about Photoshop that an Adobe computer scientist can speak of iOS version of Photoshop being superior in certain respects that shows how far mobile devices have come. But the superiority is not about defeating classic Photoshop at its own game. It continues to involve providing professional users with the infinite number of customizable tools.