How to Manage Outlook Contacts?

You need to sort out the Contacts list by the last names of the contacts, you can change the display format by last name, first name format. When you change the format of the display, you have to individually change any contacts which were not updated with the format change.

Change to first name, last name format

You may change the name format of the contacts in the Microsoft Outlook Contact folder or any self created contact folders. The folders are represented in the Outlook Address Book. However, you can’t change the format of name for names in the Global Address List.

  1. First of all Click on File tab.
  2. Then open Account Settings, and click on Account Settings.
  3. The Account Settings is displayed in backstage view.
  4. The next option is to tab on Address Books tab, viewed in the Name list, Then click Outlook Address Book there you have option to Change.
  5. Go through Outlook Address Books; and click on the address book which you want to change the display of contacts format. For eg, click Contacts: Mailbox – Mailbox name.
  6. Under the option as Show names, click on File As (Sufi, Tikolo).
  7. You can Click Close on the Outlook Address Book and Account Settings of Microsoft dialog boxes.
  8. At last press Exit and restart Outlook.

Change individual contacts to first name, last name format

When you change the name format of the existing contacts in Outlook Address Book, then the change applied to future entries that you create. However, in such cases not all the contacts are updated with this format change. In these cases, you have to change the format for each contact.

  1. In the Contacts list, press double-clicks a contact that doesn’t appear in the first name, last name format.
  2. Next is to the open contact, in the File as box, then press the name in the first name, last name format. For example, click Suji, Tikolo.
  3. Then on the Contact tab, in the Actions group, press Save & Close.
  4. Last option to repeat for each contact which is not displayed in the correct name format.

Note: With a contact card, the Display Name for e-mail addresses is the name shown as the Cc, Bcc, to, lines of an e-mail message and it is also in the Address Book when you searched for a contact. To know more about how to manage contact list on Outlook application, you can refer official website of Microsoft.