How to Recover Deleted Partition On External Hard Drive Mac

Data is an integral part of our lives which allows users to easily read, write, manipulate and store important information or documents.  Often we encounter the problem of lost/damaged data containing important files due to various problems. Data recovery from the external hard drive is possible which keeps your data intact. Mobility is a striking factor that makes the external hard disk so tempting and irresistible.

About software :

But data can still be recovered using the Hard drive data recovery software user can easily recover deleted data .The software is compatible to OS like Mac and Windows. Its easy to use user interface, the  preview option provide you with an upper hand.It helps retrieving deleted partition data from the external hard drive.

How the partition gets corrupted ?

As the saying with the rose comes the thorns too, External hard disks face data loss threats due to a variety of conditions.  The major threat being the virus and malware attacks which corrupts/damages the files which results the files to be corrupted or inaccessible. There are situations when the external hard drive is connected to some malicious content/ drive there may be unexpected actions which may occur.

            There is another condition in which to format a drive and end up deleting the partition with the important documents thus resulting in data loss. If the partition software being used for adding or deleting partition belongs to a third party or unauthorized utilities , the files may get corrupted and may not be accessible.

           Power surge also adds to the woes .While installing abrupt shutdown to the system can corrupt he file .Frequent installation and reinstallation is also not advisable. Abrupt disconnection of the hard disk while transferring files can damage the file .

What actually happens to the file when we delete ?

Whenever we delete a file a file may it be by “SHIFT+DEL” or simply pressing the “DEL” key we assume the data to be deleted from the system. Wondering , what happens to the data ? After we delete the file by various techniques, the address/tag assigned to that file is removed but the file is still stored in that same location but is not visible due to the removal of memory allocation. The file is not permanently deleted until another file is overwritten to the location which then removes the data from the system permanently.


  • The software can easily recover lost data from any storage devices, USB, memory sticks hard drive(SATA,SSD,IDE, etc). It searches and recovers lost files from HFS+, HFSX , FAT16 ,and FAT32 partitions . Files deleted from the Trash can also be recovered.
  • This recovers everything using specific built-in mechanism which thoroughly scans the drive and checks for the file to be recovered. User can refine their search by specifying which type of data or file is to be recovered using “Find” feature.
  • This implies very unique features of “Save recovery session” and “Open recovery session” which allows the user to pause and continue with the process from thereon. This curbs the vigorous repeated scanning of the entire system thus reducing time and increases performance.
  • Recovered data can be previewed using the “Preview” tool even before completion of the recovery process. The recovered data can be saved to the desired destination folder. The recovered files are sorted on the basis of their date, type, size etc.


5 Clicks to Recovery

Step 1 : Select  “Recover files” option among the three options displayed as per our requirement.

          Step 2 : Then depending on the data loss scenario select the “Recover deleted files” and  “Recover lost files” .Then selecting the partition from which data is to be recovered starts the process.

Step 3 : After selecting the scanning algorithm to recover file the recovery  process starts.

             Step 4 : Then click on “Save recovery session” to save the recovery session results .The    “Preview” tool allows us to view the recovered files.

       Step 5 : In order to continue with the recovery process by upgrading to the Pro version which allows us to continue with the recovery process via the “Save recovery session” .After the scanning process is complete the recovered files are stored .