How to Recover Photos from Camera Memory Card

Lost your valuable and precious photos from your camera memory cards such as SDHC, SDXC, and microSD card? Just forget all your worries as in the next few minutes we are going to recover photos from your camera memory card with few easy steps.

Follow the video instruction, recover photos and save them on your computer’s disk drive.

How to Recover Photos from Camera Memory Card?

Download this memory card photo recovery software called Remo Recover on your computer, PC or laptop and install it. Once it is installed on your computer, open and execute the software. From the software’s main screen choose ‘Recover Photos’ as it redirects you to the next step. In the next window of the photo recovery wizard, you need to choose whether you want to recover deleted photos or lost photos. This is a crucial step because if you have deleted the photos by yourself or it was lost during any operating system installation, you have to be sure. After this step is done, choose the partition or drive from which you want to restore the photos. Before moving to this step, connect your camera memory card or the camera to the computer which has the memory card.

Next, a list of all file types categorized by its type is available for you to choose. In this step, you can just skip this or specify the photo file type if you want. The purpose of this step is if you want just JPG files, you can mark only JPG files and the recovery process is much faster in finding those files alone. But choosing all file types is not going to make the recovery process slow, but it tries to search each and individual file by scanning the camera memory card deep.

Once the process is completed, click on ‘Show Deleted’ option from the top of the screen to show only deleted files. By doing this, you can sort out only deleted files which make it easy for you to recover them. Finish the process by specifying the output folder for saving the retrieved photos.

Features of Remo Recover Software

The reasons why we use Remo Recover software for recovering photos from camera memory cards is because of its following list of features. Find the list below.

  • Strong file recovery algorithms combined with very simple graphical user interface allows easy access for the user to recover photos deleted deep within the memory card.
  • JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP and all other photo file types are supported for recovery. Along with that, this photo recovery software will also be able to recover RAW photo file formats.
  • Recovers all the photos quickly although its scans the camera memory card deeply. It is because of the file recovery algorithm it is using.
  • Ability to work on all Windows file systems and installed on all OS of Windows.
  • Supports memory card types such as microSD cards, SDHC, ADXC, CF and XD cards.

As seen from the above list of features it is clear that this can recover photos from camera memory card for sure.