Learn How to Fix Damaged AVI Video File

Generally, most of the users have the habit of spending their free time by watching movies either in TV or in their system. So you might have stored huge number of video files in your laptop and converted them to AVI format for better quality by using AVI converter application. Users can enjoy watching the sequences of the movie.

Fix Damaged AVI software is one the best tool to fix damaged AVI, XVID, and DIVX video files. Fixed AVI files can be easily played without any issues on Windows and Mac OS. Sometimes, due to various reasons your AVI files get damaged or corrupted by abrupt power failure while watching the movie, virus attack, presence of bad sectors and many more. At this point you would have worried a lot as the movie which got corrupted will be your favorite one. In such a situation you can fix AVI video files by using Fix Damaged AVI software.

Some of the scenarios where your AVI video files get damage are:-

  • Removing the any external data storage device forcefully while sharing or moving AVI video files. This process may results in damage of AVI files.
  • Any sort of interruption due to power failure while converting your AVI movie file to some other file format will damage your AVI file
  • Hard drive crash also results in AVI movie file corruption
  • Due to presence of bad sectors on hard drive you are not able to access the AVI files which are saved on it. This may corrupt the AVI video files present on the drive and makes it completely inaccessible

To overcome from above mentioned scenarios make use of Fix Damaged AVI application to repair all your AVI video files stored on any data storage devices.

Features of Fix Damaged AVI:

Fix Damaged AVI software can easily repair your AVI video files that are corrupted or damaged on all versions of Windows and Mac operating system. It is specially designed with strong scanning algorithms which assist to fix AVI video files securely. This software helps to scan the corrupted or damaged AVI file thoroughly, identifies all the errors and fixes them within few minutes. You can preview the repaired video files before restoring them on removable data storage devices. Capable of repairing AVI video files that are stored in the external data storage devices such as USB drive, firm flash drive, iPod, external hard drive, SD cards and many more. It repairs not only AVI movie files but even DIVX, XVID files. It provides you the save or resume recovery session which helps to avoid rescanning the storage devices. It assist in fixing damaged AVI video file that are corrupted due to CRC errors, operating system conflicts, file header corruption, third party software and many more. With the help of this utility you can repair corrupted AVI files stored on digital camera and camcorders of various manufacturing brands like Canon, Sony, Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, etc. Fix Damaged AVI software provides to extract the video and audio frames of an AVI files separately and then adjoins them at last to form a healthy playable AVI file.

Why Fix Damaged AVI app?

Fix Damaged AVI Utility is a read only tool that will never damages the original AVI video file and creates a new file for repairing. This application is designed with advanced scanning algorithm which helps to retain the same picture and video quality as of the source file even after repairing the AVI video files. Therefore Fix Damaged AVI is highly recommended tool to repair corrupted or damaged AVI files.