Outlook Emails Backup on Windows Vista

Microsoft Office comes with numerous benefits for users, it allows them to perform various tasks very easily on different versions of Windows operating system. Microsoft Outlook has been extensively used by organizations as an email client application for communication purpose. Outlook permits users to store various information like emails, contacts, notes, reminders, attachments, calendars and much more on their hard drive. Together these information’s are stored in a single file that is commonly called PST file i.e. Personal Storage Table. You can also use Outlook offline, these attributes are saved in Offline Storage Table i.e. OST. We hope that you have got a general idea about Outlook, Now let us move on, in this page, we are focusing on how to backup Outlook emails on Vista and the importance to taking backup of Outlook data?

PST file is the heart that allows users to access Outlook profile. Protection of this PST file is really challenging. By now you might have come to know the significance of PST files. Any threat or damage to this file is a serious concern for any user. For all this reason, an updated backup of Outlook data is quite a necessity these days. In case of damage or corruption to PST file on Vista, your Outlook profile will turn inaccessible along with the emails, therefore it is really important to have the updated backup of Outlook data. You can easily restore Outlook emails on Vista by using the Outlook Backup file that is being maintained. To backup Outlook emails on Vista automatically on a regular basis, we have introduced a safe and professional tool named Outlook Backup. Let us look at the importance of taking backup of Outlook data.

Need for taking backup of Outlook emails or data?

  • PST file corruption: There may be circumstances where you might receive error messages on your system which states Outlook profile is corrupt and cannot access Outlook. At these times you can retrieve PST files from the updated backup that you have maintained.
  • OS upgrades: Re-installing the OS might also cause PST file corruption; the user can make use of the backup that they have managed to recover Outlook data.
  • Migrating to new version Outlook: In case, If a user wants to migrate into the newer version of Outlook, he/she can use this backup PST file to restore all the Outlook data, all the attributes contained in the Outlook profile can be restored by this way.
  • Deleted emails: User will have a lot of essential emails in their Inbox, losing it is unimaginable for any user. Backup of Outlook data allows the user to restore deleted emails very effectively.
  • Loss of other attributes: Losing other attributes like notes, dictionary, contacts, journal, RSS feeds, etc.; can be easily restored with the help of backup.

Free Outlook Backup is an all in one backup application i.e. it answers your queries on how to backup Outlook emails on Vista, XP, 7, 8, etc. Free Outlook Backup is a professional application that helps users to backup Outlook data file that contains attributes like emails, calendar, contacts, RSS feeds, email accounts, signatures, journals, notes, etc. It also permits the user to “migrate” the Outlook profile to the newer version of Microsoft Outlook. The “migrate” feature makes the duplicate of your Outlook profile and this can be transferred to other systems.

Major Features of Free Outlook Backup

  • Interactive interface: It’s highly effective graphical user interface helps to easily backup PST file on all versions of Windows with utmost ease.
  • Backup: The software permits the users to take backup of Outlook PST files that comprises various attributes like Inbox folders, contacts, calendar, journals, settings, signature, email accounts and many more. This PST backup tool facilitates user to create backup all profiles created by the user on Outlook by setting different restore points.
  • Migration: Safe migration of Outlook version can be accomplished easily by using this backup Outlook data tool.
  • Advanced security: The software provides high security for the backup of PST files by permitting password protection.
  • Software compatibility: Free Outlook Backup is compatible with different versions of Outlook from Microsoft Outlook 2003 to 2010 and also with a different file system like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32, etc.
  • Scheduler: The advanced scheduling option integrated with this tool helps the user to backup PST Windows Vista files automatically.
  • Compatibility: This tool is compatible to work with different Microsoft Outlook versions like 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010.