Seagate Hard Disk Drives Set to Stay Relevant

seagate-wireless-plus-hard-drive-540x334The hard drives (HDDs) were introduced by IBM for the first time and in 1980s it is widely used as dominant storage device for PCs. According to some peoples, hard drives are not relevant as solid state drives that offers high performance. But as per Seagate Technology, the hard disk drives will remain in market for more than 15 to 20 years. In a coming decade HDDs will adopt several new technologies in order to remain the primary storage device for the clients and servers. According to David Morton the financial officer of Seagate, the hard drives will be in market for 20 more years.

The Sales of Hard Drives Decrease, But Technology Keeps Evolving

The sale of HDDs is continuously decreasing for the past few years. In the third quarter of the year 2015, there is drop in the market of HDDs which is up to 118 million units. This data is estimated through Western Digital Corp and Seagate Technology. The leading manufacturer of hard drives claimed that several makers of HDDs sold 164 million units approximately.
ssdNowadays the shipment of hard drives is decreased due to several factors such as increase in popularity of solid-state drives, use of cloud storage, drop in sale of PCs and many more. Although the HDDs are cheapest in price as per gigabyte yet the market is going down day by day. The SSDs are getting affordable and it is not going to become inexpensive any time soon. So hard drives is used as key storage device for a long years.

In order to stay relevant for a long term hard drives are need to keep enhancing their capacity. Last year in 2015 Advanced Storage Technology Consortium which is an international organization that unites several companies which develop, manufacture or use HDDs. According to the latest roadmap technology, the capacity of hard disk drives may increased to 100TB by 2025. By upcoming years, the hard disk drives will adopt some writing technologies in order to bolster the data storage capacity.

Modern hard disk drive is based upon perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) and the shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technologies. The PMR-based drive has been around for a decade and it will remain popular for long years in order to thanks to the relatively high sequential performance, well-understood reliability and low cost per gigabyte.