Solution to Recover Files from External HDD

Western Digital Recovery software is the unique recovery tool which assist to retrieve files and folders that are deleted or erased from external hard drive. This software is designed and developed in such a way that even nonprofessional computer users can easily get back their missing crucial data from USB hard drive. You can view the restored files by using “Preview” option before saving those files into any data storage disk. “Recovery Session” option is used to pause or save the session in order to prevent rescanning of external HDD.

External Hard drive is used as a backup of essential files and folders such as Excel spreadsheets, text documents, PPT files, Adobe Photoshop files, HTML files, audio files, games, images, music libraries, animations, video files, etc. Some of the popular brands of USB hard drive are Iomega, Western Digital, Samsung, G-Technology, HP, Toshiba, Transcend and many more brands. Apart from advantages of external HDD at times we lose data which are saved on hard drive due to some certain reasons are as follows.

  • Because of various causes you need to format your hard drive while connected to laptop. While selecting the hard drive to format accidentally chosen other hard drive which leads to deletion or erase of files and folders stored in it.
  • Corruption is one of the common factor for loss of files from external hard drive. Due to sudden system shutdown, power failure, virus or malware attack, continuous change in file system etc. This results in erase of files and folders from the USB hard drive. At this situation don’t be panic make use of Western Digital Recovery application to recover data from external hard drive.
  • You might perform delete operation on some valuable files and folders by mistakenly. This is because you need to erase or delete the useless files or unwanted data from Western Digital hard drive but unintentionally you may delete necessary by using combination of “Shift + Delete” keys. As a result loss of data occurs on external hard drive.
  • During the process of transferring the files from external HDD to laptop or vice versa if you plugged out your USB hard drive then there is a possibility of data loss from the external HDD. Always remove the external HDD by using “Safe Remove Hardware” method.
  • Some of the other issues that leads to erase of files are file header corruption, MBR boot error, CRC error, presence of bad sectors, software crash, third party software, and many more.

In order to get rid of all the above discussed issues use Western Digital Recovery utility to recover data from external hard drive.

Prominent characteristics of Western Digital Recovery tool:

  • Western Digital Recovery application supports to retrieve deleted files from other models of Western Digital hard drive are WD Caviar Blue, WD SiliconEdge Blue, WD Caviar Black, My Passport Elite, WD Scorpio Blue, My Passport Essential, My Book Elite, WD Elements, WD Livewire, and other models.
  • Supports to recover data from both Mac and Windows files systems namely HFS, FAT16, ExFAT, HFS+, FAT32, HFS+, NTFS, and NTFS5.
  • In addition this recovery tool also rescues the files from other data storage gadgets such as smartphones, FireWire drive, pen drive, xD cards, camcorders, MMC cards, CF cards, SD cards, iPods, and many other disk.
  • You can retrieve deleted or lost files on various partition namely RAID5, RAID1, and RAID0 partitions.

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